Every motorcyclist feels the impact of poor-rear view vision, and after far too many near misses, life-long biker John Hale decided to do something about it - with the help of a stellar development team and 7x World Champion biker, Carl Fogarty MBE, on board.

In 2003, John was commuting to work every day along the south coast and felt constantly at risk on the busy roads - with drivers operating erratically and mirrors often not doing the job that was needed. John envisioned an intelligent rear-view system that would provide all-round vision, in all weather conditions, capturing blind spots and providing a safer experience on the road.

Taking steps to make his vision a reality by securing funding and a development team, John had a chance meeting with Carl Fogarty at a motorcycle event in January 2016. John explained his product’s concept and, seeing the benefits, Carl agreed to come on board - becoming a key part of the ZONA technical team and testing ZONA on the road at every stage of development.  

“When I’m on my bike I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to feel like there is anything holding me back, I want to be there in the moment free to enjoy the experience - the more control I’ve got - the more I feel connected to the road and what’s going on around me the better the ride. Because that’s what I’m in it for, that’s why I’m seriously excited about the potential of ZONA.”

ZONA would like to thank Carl Fogarty and our online biker community for their ongoing support.

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