ZONA Software update v1.0.4

Following feedback from some customers, we have updated the ZONA camera and receiver software to change three settings:

  • The display orientation when moving from right-eye to left-eye use
  • The camera orientation set-up, which enables the camera to be mounted upside-down. Some riders were experiencing an upside-down image occasionally when the camera is mounted normally – this fixes that issue
  • The levelling set-up, which sets the start-up position indicator for the camera when fitting to the bike.  This software release adjusts the position of the camera, to give an image start point showing closer to the ideal position of around 20-25% of the view above the horizon line

The update procedure

The update is distributed as a zip containing a directory, which in turn holds the two update files.  Open the zip and put the contained .upd files directly onto the supplied ZONA USB stick at the top level. Do not rename the files.

Plug the USB stick into the OTG adaptor (short USB cable) that was supplied with your ZONA and connect the micro USB end into the ZONA Receiver with the receiver turned off.

Turn on the Receiver and the LED should flash Red/Green. Wait until the LED turns White (it may be flashing or steady white), this has now updated the firmware. When the Receiver is first turned on with the ZONA splash screen the number in the bottom corner should read v1.0.4

For the camera, with the power off, simply plug the USB stick into the USB connector at the end of the camera cable.

Power up the camera and the LED should flash Red/Green. Again, once the LED turns steady red, green or white then the update process is complete.

Download the update zip file

Download the v1.0.4 zip file

Once downloaded if you have any difficulty installing the software email us and leave your contact details - we will phone you to talk through the process.


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